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Thursday, 14 December 2017

increase your traffic on Facebook and pagelike

 how to increase your new blog traffic with fb
Facebook can be a great source to increase your traffic online.Facebook is the biggest social media network ever.it have billion of user daily. so out of this billion user you can get hundred or thousands from Facebook.
but I will also tell you it not easy with Facebook because most Facebook user does not care especially when your niche is tech, and science.
they always get attracted with entertainment, gossip, sport,and a bit of health.
so to make your blog traffic increase especially if you niche is technology, online business, (make money online).and also health and fitness this are great requirements you need.
a page.
an account (with your site name)
join other big site page with thousands and million of like and follower.
page can be the greatest means of acquiring blog traffic because if your page have 500like more than 200people will read you post once you send it to your page and it also give you good comments and popularity as a new blogger.
There are some difficulties you will find in term of having a page. so read this difficulties.

This is the greatest page problems ever because no one fell like liking your page and it angry especially when facebook send you a notification, stating that you have no page like and response this week it angry very angry.
Page like are very add and difficult most big blog around having thousands of Facebook like took them good years to get it.
but I can help you with this
below how to get good page like.
(1)suggests to friends
(2)apply it on your blog
(3)tell them about your page.
(4)always know what you are doing
💿suggests to friends
to suggest to friends is the easiest way though, it give friends quick reaction to like your page.
I suggests to friends give me 20like a day in my fans page (2page).
to suggests to friends get to your page .
in the top after page name and picture you see suggests to friends,click on it and it show you some friends you added select them once the suggested page like will get to the friends you selected and they must surely like your page.
💿apply it on your blog.
have you stumbles upon so many blog that show you join us on fb of fb page if you've seen it before that what am saying.
it help you get good like and increase your audience.
it help you friends on other forum and social media like you page when you also share it on other social media and forum.
it can surely increase your newsletter.
I know this will be the question you are asking but I will never leave you stranded I must teach you.
   to apply it on your blog is easy ,read the steps below.
(am not using any link so search your self)
take you PC/phone
login to your page and at the home page copy the url to your clipboard.
after that search for.  Facebook/badges.com
it show you many option take the page like display.
and select if you like your fan to be show select yes.
put your URL you copy in the box given to post it and click on generate code /code.
        see all I mean here..
             Click on the page plugin.

                     Fill the form
Get down little after fill you will see
See snap shot.

Click get code a box with code will appear copy the code.
     And app it on you blog.

to tell about your page can still help all you need is a picture clean and funny one that would get theme attracted .use you page to post the picture and tell them like  my page and get more funny picture and news. as your description and also comments on other picture.
💿always know what you are doing.
the only thing here is that if you know what you are doing !my bro you must achieved something.
alwat post in your fb page and so you can get more like.
you can also increase your traffic on fb by join some blogger page include.
blogger help blogger.
blogger lap _and other.
      this group is page that people ask question and learn  all together.
for example you write a post on how to make money online.
and someone askvat blogger help blogger saying how can I make money online. you simply him/she to read your post that you have a post to that question, by giving him the link he/she must read and once they read and love it they will surely join your newsletter and follow you and they will come all time for more post.
hope I have give you the secret
join my newsletter for more informative post




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