how to make you phone battery last long with app

How to make your phone battery last long without issues, and also keep your battery life long lasting.

All going to introduced some app that can actually do this for you,you see it easy it just by download the app and use it.these great app keep your phone battery for good day before you get a notice battery low,it sound amazing 😱.

     If you tire for getting a bad battery all time you going to enjoy this,we all know there is no adequate power in Nigeria and you are tired of getting a low battery all time uh you stumble upon the right post that will teach you the right way to solve it out,all you need to do is to join our newsletter to get more about technology and online tip and also read this post carefully and come back  for more.
    These app am going to introduced to you is also helpful if you have a built-inbattery-.
I used this app for a phone of mine(gionee 5001-2016).and it was nice although the phone was inbuilt battery.
Grenify is a great app that help extend battery life by automating the hibernation process rather than stopping the app. the great benefit of this app is that your phone uses less battery waking up a sleeping app than it does to restart an app you had stopped, or killed.

With greenify ,users can hand pick which lower priority apps should take a nap.head up,

   🔴Go battery saver& power widgets.
    This polished and intuitive app offer varying degrees of battery saving. A simple tap let you you get an extreme power savings. A heavy gamer,for instance,may want more aggressive saving with extreme can actually create your custom mode.
 🔴avast battery saver.
  Developed by well-known  mobile security firm avast,this battery app is highly accurate at predicting when user will need to plug in the phone for charging.

Avast  is great for all all android version.

I recommended that as top app for battery boat up

But you can still check out this great app below if your

Android version might be too low for the top ones.

🔴🔴du  battery saver &phone charger.

 🔴🔴green battery saver manager.

I will advise you to download all those app and boost your phone.

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🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳post written by 🔴destiny Julius

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