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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

locate your family and friends location

As As technology is thereby progressing into a wide range that it affect every(goodly)
So as technology did not loose behind to introduced a app to can help you track all your
family location easily isn't that great.

The app will definitely help you know the location of different part of people you connect together with this app.



Family locator is the most simplifies life in the digital world.
It gives you great important to connect to the people who matter most to you360.

Family locator simply work by,creating your own  group, also called circles,
Connect your love one,team mate,friends and family.

       Special featured family locator help you do.

👤family locator help you view the real-time location of circle
Member on a private family map it can holy be visible on family locator.
👤it help you track stolen phones of group mate.and know the location.
👤locate both android phones and iPhone with family locator!
👤you definite enjoy it.


For time sensitive communication family locator can quickly pinpoint the location of every family member.
You can use GPS tracking for nonsmart phone users it possible
Family locator also saves your most commodity visited location.

This handy,easy to-use app leverage the latest technology to help you stay connected in real
time to the people and devices.
Family locator help find family and friends including where they are(location).
 All you Ned is to install family locator and know location of your family member.

It connect you to the internet and allow you send and received location information.

        Get review and download it Here to download

Great benefit of a family locator.

Family locator have so many benefit to parent, friends and individual.
💁family locator can be used with a few intention--it gives parents peace of mind
By knowing the location of his/her child or relative.
💁it help to know the location of every one
💁it track phones
💁it help mainly in tracking a child which might be outside home or living far from parent
it help track the child location and give him advice if his location he is stated can be dangerous.

   Hope it help

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