app that reduces your data consumption

Data consumption is a great challenge we all face,whereby data not use often get loss.
but am going to be teaching you how to reduced your data usage/consumption on android and any other product.

Save you data,save money if you are ready let go.
Sometimes you imagine how did you smart phone plans get loss all like that,you fell so angrt .it also happened to me but I research on how to reduced it.

Now read this post and keep an eye on  your data usage,

Set data limit.

Setting data limit is so easy all you need to do why using android or iOS device is by going setting-then cellular -wlan&cellular. Or some phone use this setting>more>datausage-on cellular or  of-then draw you limit also limit data usage in some app.
  As seen in snapshot.

And also
Also check your data usage once in a time

Off data why not using it.

You can also reduced data usage by of you data connection why not online,it not right
If you data is power on you data is actually wasting for no thing.
So try off you data why not online. It save your data.

Limit background data.

Background data is like a straw suckling you data from a bottle. It dangerous it can  affect your data, imagine using 1.5gb for 3 day (dangerous)
  Step in limiting background data
That it.

           App that reduced your data usage.

(1)opera mini.

Opera mini reduced you data usage because it map and compressed your data
Opera shrink the downloaded size web page up to 90% without reducing the quality  of your browsing experience. You can view the data you are going to use and also save data.

(2)opera max

Opera max work well it com presses the amount of data use while it won't work on encrypted data such as play or app store and bank app.

(3)WiFi finder free

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Thanks ,cheeeeeeeeeerss.


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