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Sunday, 17 December 2017

android phone is better than Iphone great reason

am going to be speaking on a particular topic today.
some reason android is better than iPhone.
donnot get shock android are better than iPhone for some reason, iPhone is nice also with android device.
android phone are top best selling phone of 2017 in the android market also with iPhone.
but why are just going to give this two devices (android and iPhone) a comparison.
   why is android phone better than iPhone product 2017.
Yes hop this is a great reason.
the number of android being bought a day is like the one iPhone sell out a month or two.
people have great choice for android than IPhone.
am not lyling,!all you reading this post might have up to 2-4or more android phone. but will not even have an iPhone pack guide instead of phone.
mostly all iPhone phones will find one design and colours and screen size.
but on android phone you can see the one with large screen, small screen,different colour different design and so.
in android you can pick the design you need and also the price because all android phones have different design.
In android phone you can browse app from any app source (play store,aptoide,9app,apkculture and many others)
but on iPhone you can online install app from app store and no other.
if it the case of customization android got all right than iPhone! really!!.
in android,it users can change the theme of the screen frequently and it easy.
android user are all enjoying all these than I phone users.
To remove a notification which can be annoying. it hard on iPhone especially when you are doing something special,you need to get it down first get to the notification and delete or read it
but android phones user make it easy buy just swiping up or down and side and remove the notification easily there.
       other reason android is better than iPhone include
📌download music, comedy, from anywhere
🗼android is better for mapdisplay(Google map)
📌get mobile support on adriod
📍default app choices are better
🗼clear cache easily
🗼micro SD card support.
     hope I give you great reason
 say you reason on the comments box.
but for reading



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