top social network and there user ranking

Building a social network might be hard, hard when you are building a portable one
using programming language and other stuff.

Great social network like Facebook, Twitter and other where coded with programming languages that why it gives us supernatural value. Include sharing story,promoting of business, communicating it also a place of having fun and solution to your problems.

You can also create a social media easily with yooco.
But it doesn't really satisfy you. In
You can create a subdomain social network and update it to custom domain by paying
A money range from$8 to $15. But I remember I have one subdomain yooco account
Name www.long I didn't provide the link because it was not at my satisfaction so I just leave it,but you can also create yours it nice.

 Facebook have billions of monthly user and Instagram 800million user
Twitter 330million user.
 That great most of Facebook user are mostly from Nigeria a 7years old Nigerian child is on Facebook posting his/her picture message and other(technology is growing wide).

     Best social network.

OK, there are so many social media in the world out of this social media network let rank theme accordingly.this my ranking you can rank yours with the comments box.

 Social network user are really growing imagine
Facebook jump from 1.94million in march 2017 to 2.07billion in June.that great.

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  Check of the top social network in 2017.


 Facebook will always come first because 80%of Nigeria are on Facebook instead of other country. Facebook had a active monthly users of 2,070,000,000.
That face book is ranking no 1.


 Donnot get shock,YouTube is great in term of user because artist are streaming billion of view in YouTube, YouTube received billion view in an hour hour.
Imagine the subscribers of Nigeria artist are ranking million instead of a foreign artist.
YouTube monthly active user is 1,500,000,000.


 I know you will be think Twitter would be next but no it Instagram. Because it all fun in Instagram and people find it hard to operate  a Twitter account.
Instagram user are monthly from celebrity and other. It get 800,000,000users on a monthly basis.


Twitter is the next to Instagram and it rank 330,000,000.
In a monthly basis.


6)Pinterest ___210,000,000

7)vine. __,200,000,00

8)ask.FM. ____160,000,000

9)tumblr    ___116,000,000 

  That it get more of postHere served you right.

Hope it help post your comments and share.


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