2 big mistake I make in my online business

2big mistake I make in my online business

2mistake people make while doing online business.

After all explanation of online business from my blog and from different source.

I know you have already started your online business but there are so many difficulties in it,that to prove that online business or e-business is not easy it required playing big roles.

So on today topic am going to teach you some reason why online business fail and mistake people make from online business.

But on first let look forward to some mistake you make that might not make your online business grow well.

I know every one made a mistake but a mistake once make you be perfect,but if you are making mistake in your business more than one or twice you know that you business is really getting out of control.

But donnot be frustrated  all you need is hardworking.

Let not go too far.

2 best mistake you make while starting online business.

(1)doing a business alone.

Doing a business alone is like a dead mean in his grave.

I never notice this when I start blogging I was there alone without sharing my experience with blogger of my niche and other but somevmonth after I got notice of it so I quickly realized my mistake and join group of blogger in social media and forum and I see my spirit become more active.

So this is telling you that you should not go alone.

As is always said-two head is better than one.

So any business you are doing donnot get lost meet.with your colleague they can help you with answer and also promote your business through there various platform of marketing
You can also learn from them and you will not get loss.

(2)focus on important issues more than non important.

In online business every thing are important but  some are more important than some.

Example gathering an audience and brand for your business is important than finding money.

So solve those issue you no that are more important,because the money cannot be there without auidience,

Example of this
Are the issues between blogger and AdSense.

I know AdSense is the dream of all blogger including me. But 80% of blogger who need AdSense has not even dream of having a pageview of 200daily.

For a blogger to dream of applying AdSense he/she should write good and meaningful content as mine.
And have more than 300to 500 pageview per day,because without good pageview you cannot earn in AdSense,because you earning does not get to payout.
So solve the important part of any business.

Am advising and telling you donnot ask what the important part of online business let me just tell you hear the important part is the hardest because even top blogger even need more of it.
Guest what!! Is audience and traffic.
(2)pay attention to your audience.

Your audience are your business so respect them really serve them and listen to them always.
For a blogger not listening or replying to his /her audience comment more than three time the rest of his audience will nor post any comment.

And the commenter will not come back.

I hope you understand what am saying,if your audience are judging your content of not satisfy then adjust your self and make your audience feel comfortable.

Another mistake you can make from this is by insuiting your audience because of question he ask you,and they may not make a common sense,but as a blogger  or affiliate is your work you need to make them understand a single bit of anything you say.


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