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Thursday, 16 November 2017

make money online by jumia affiliate.


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 Posted by:destiny Julius

Source :affiliate marketing



jumai affiliate is no one best affiliate pro in Nigeria

Which deals with product selling and you can make million

From jumia affiliate pro.

   All you need to do is just sign up promote goods through you link and earn great.

     Why does jumia needs affiliate marketer.???

  Yes JUMIA is a very wide online shopping mail which store thousands of product online so that online user can buy.

  So as jumia is a very wide online shopping mail so they need blogger or websites owner to help then promote their product.That when affiliate get into it,

     All you need is just to sign up the affiliate when you are approved they give you a link for you to promote there product whosoever buy through your link you post you get your money.

  But you need to get note of this if you have 5,000click and no sale you are getting no money,you need to influence your reader so that they will love your product you promote and willing to buy the product.


      What did I need before getting started???

You need just a simple things to get started

(1)a laptop or phone

(2)a blog or social media account

(3)a bank account

(4) email

(5)good internet connection.


        They you need to visit the site or Click here

A page display to you 

 Fill out the form accordingly

With the right information needed.

And when they get you approved you start earning

According to the sale you have.

    It wonderful when they bought a goods worth1,000,000naira through your link you are willing to earn up to130,000 that a great money.

 Hope it helpful post your comments.

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