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Sunday, 5 November 2017



       I know it seen somehow for you hearing this,it might be a shock to you.
But they are point am going to be giving you under this post,before you can make
Money on Facebook you need to take note of this point.

    🅾you need to have a fb page with up to 200 to 500 like.
    �your need to have a lot of friends in your account which are always active.
    🅾your page description should be about marketing.
             Because you going to market you self to them.
    You also need to also boost your post.
    And also join group which have a lot of like than your page.
        And also try boost more new audience everyday.


                  Services you render to your Facebook page that gives income.


     After all the pages like and boost of page has be done successfully
Now the best way to make money with your Facebook page is mostly by offering
Your services on your Facebook page which include
   🅾selling your own product on Facebook
   🅾providing your own service.
   🅾selling your affiliate item.

      NoteYou can also buy your domain and make your site

(1)selling your own product on Facebook:
    You can sell your own product on Facebook,if you have a product and you want to
     Sell it quick Facebook is the best way to sell out quick and you make
     Your commission by you selling the product.
  (Example: if you have car you want to sell out all you need is to take a picture of the
Car you want to sell and place your number for price discussion.

(2)providing your own service:
    You can provide your own services for people by creating your own
Page on Facebook, example: if you a printing artists you can sell out your self to work for people who need printing artists.and you can get a lot of job to doand lot of money.

(3)selling affiliate item:
   Yes you can sell your affiliate pro items on Facebook through the affiliate link
For example you Register a affiliate program with jumai and after all the registration
You can copy the product link from your websites to your page on Facebook.

Note::       The best way to make money with Facebook is to offered service to people
And promoting your product to gain more view.

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