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Monday, 25 September 2017

most easiest way ever to make money online

most easiest way ever to make money online

  How to get rich online

  Blogging and vlogging

 can be the best place making money.
because you can make money online while sleeping I'm your bed and your money is calculating.
but am going to tell you easy way to make money online.
   post content/details.
what are online business
blogging and vlogging
best easy way to make money online.
        💻online business are those activity you take and partipate only to online users and can fetch you income or help you meet your earns meet.
   I think that great explanation.
before you can participate in any online business you must own a blog,but blogging is the mother of all online business, you will see the way blogging take part in other online business. and also vlogging can also be a good online business.
are you wondering what the differences between blogging and vlogging. I will help you out.
is the act of sharing story, picture and all you know and see into a writing.
it simply means the act of telling, teach people inform of writing,hope you got that.
   vlogging is the act of teaching and telling story in form of video. vlogger make video.
example youtuber are good example because they make those vide and people always visit YouTube to gain fun and also learn with video tutorial.
              some cases about blogging and vlogging.
vlogging is hard
 by you getting good camera, editing and people to perform.
but blogging is not quite expensive and it easy while creating but hard to build up audience and readers.

📏📏sell written book.

selling of book you wrote is a great source some people even make a living from that.to sell book/eBook you need some basic intelligent writing skills that can even make them buy your eBook twice(jokely).you can sell your eBook on so many online website eBay, Amazon kindle and also on your blog (one way blogging affect other online business).
eBook writing is easy all you need is to download a word processor app including Microsoft word, Google doc and office suite.simply write there and convert it to PDF if you are using Microsoft.
 but if it office suite after writing download PDF converter and convert it.

blogging online is the greatest source though because all company have a blog.
even Google,Amazon and many other.
you can make money blogging from different meanse.
ad network (Google AdSense, chltika,clicksor and other).
affiliate marketing (Amazon, cj,JUMIA and konga)
eBook selling.
and many others.
affiliate marketing cannot be left out because you can start without having a blog.
affiliate marketing is simply selling product for other people and company through a code if any body buy through you link you will get a share.
best Nigeria affiliate marketing website/online mail
include (jumia,konga,)
and best international include
(Amazon,cj,and many other).
    all these can easily earn you money
thank for reading.


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